About Me

I am a tech savvy entrepreneur with a majority of experience in web/application development, database systems, and project management.

My blog focuses on my experience as a entrepreneur and technology-driven business strategies pertaining to modern day web services and applications.

As an entrepreneur that has started businesses since 15 years old, I feel I have a lot to share in the area of creating a successful business. In addition, as a web developer and project manager I have the experience to convey web strategies to a less technical audience.

My Entrepreneurial History (Most Recent to Least)

FlockTweets.com – Flock Tweets is a Twitter application for businesses that allows multi-tweeter collaboration to achieve a better Twitter marketing strategy.  Flock Tweets is a venture of myself and my fellow partners at Loadsys (see below).

Loadsys Web Strategies – Loadsys is a web development and web strategies firm specializing in custom web application development, content management solutions, and social media integration.

BaseballTourneys.com – A work in progress, the hope is to build up site traffic with useful content for youth baseball players and coaches and then begin to convert it into a directory for baseball tournaments for traveling youth baseball teams.

A Mother’s Touch Cleaning Service – My unsuccessful attempt at getting my mother and mother-in-law out of their unstable jobs and into a successful local cleaning service.

Pocket Rocket Wear – A successful poker t-shirt brand with clever designs.  I eventually sold this company off along with all of its assets.

BingoDab.com – A successful online bingo affiliate site that actually paid for my apartment all through college and helped me purchase a new car at 19 years old.  I eventually had to shut this down due to new online gambling regulations that came about in 2004.

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