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The Economy is poor right? Many people are out of jobs, not sure what to do, hitting career fairs, applying for jobs by the masses, etc. Students are coming out of college not necessarily having the opportunities that were once there.

I personally am one of those in a hiring position at this point in my career. I am a person that has to find people, evaluate their skillsets, and make the decision on the hire. So I figure, why not share what makes me hire someone?

(Note: keep in mind that we are a tech company and some of these items may not hold true to other industries)

Here is my list of must haves that a person applying must have/do to even be considered:

  • Must show extracurricular work outside of normal work/school time.  I am not necessarily talking sports or something, I’m talking about pursuing items like doing side work.  For example, I like to see web developers doing things to improve their expertise outside of requirements a school or job has.
  • Has a website for themselves.  No matter what industry you are in, this makes a candidate shine.   Have you thought about getting a simple site up that tells a little about yourself, your experience, and also provides a full resume?
  • Research before an interview.  I absolutely love an interviewee that has done their homework on technologies our company uses.  If I hear “I didn’t know what that was until the other day, so I took a crack at it”.   That shows me a drive to learn.
  • I don’t like know-it-alls.  If you have the smartest person in the world, but during the times they are wrong they won’t admit it…this is worse.  I would much rather hear someone say “I don’t know, but I’ll go look into it” rather than them trying to guess when they truly don’t know.  So, admit when you don’t know something, especially in an interview, but show eagerness to pick it up.
  • Since our industry is more laid back and creative, I don’t like to see people put on a full suit at an interview.  To me this is old school and robotic.  I’m not saying to not dress nice, but be more with the times and show your style.  This really depends on the industry.  I obviously wouldn’t suggest this if you are interviewing to be an attorney.
  • Participation and sharing of knowledge on online social media.  Everything from blogs, to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter…I love to see sharing of information.  This normally isn’t necessity, but definitely a plus.

Basically, most of my requirements point to one thing.  Motivation.  If I have one pet peeve, that is lack of motivation.


Employee morale is one thing I can never stress enough.  If your employees are not happy then they are not productive and your company won’t thrive.  True story, I know someone who works at a car dealership doing oil changes and minor mechanic work.  With the current economy for the past couple of years they decided to cut back on Christmas gifts.  Normally they each get a ham.   This person walks into work last year to his gift being a brown paper bag with a apple and a banana.   Heck, as an employee I would rather get nothing than that.  The point I’m trying to make here is that the extra $500 you would have spent on gifts would have kept employee morale up and in the end more beneficial to your bottom line.  Employers can’t be penny pinchers for the people that actually make the business produce.  You should find other ways to cut costs. [click to continue…]