Learning Basic Project Management Skills from Buffalo Wild Wings

January 24, 2010

in Project Management

Have you ever ordered food for pick-up at Buffalo Wild Wings?  If you have, you may notice the person that goes to get your order from the kitchen comes back out with your original order ticket and of course your food.  They then sit your bag down and go through each container with you to make sure everything is correct and if it isn’t, they correct it.

This is such a basic idea that can carry over to anything in which you are delivering to a customer.  Before delivering a final product,  a project manager should take the time to do a few things.

  1. Find the original requirements  (original order ticket)
  2. Go through the requirements while comparing them to the deliverables (comparing order ticket to food in boxes)
  3. Fix anything that doesn’t fully meet the requirements (go back and get that extra ranch dressing the customer ordered)
  4. Deliver the deliverable with assurance that everything has been reviewed and meets what the customer expected.

A sure fire way to reduce complaints and evaluate the people working on the tasks at hand.

  • TomDaBomb

    Ahhh that's a project I can really sink my teeth into!

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