November 18, 2009

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Dr. Branigan and I

Achieving goals is tough, however can be easier with somebody helping you along the way. Mentors are these very people. They could be a boss, teacher, professor, friend, etc… In my case, one of mine was a professor in College. His name is Dr. Branigan, I call him Dr. B for short.

Dr. Branigan is a programming professor at DeVry in Tinley Park. He is the kind of guy that is truly there to educate. You do not necessarily find that in all professors. It isn’t just a job to him, it is something more. He enjoys seeing his students succeed. He is a man that is not afraid to admit when he doesn’t know something, but is also that same person that will go figure it out and come back to you with an answer.

While in college, I was writing a application for a C++ class he taught. Not to brag, but I was sort of ahead of the game so I was experimenting with some more advanced topics with the language. I can’t remember exactly what it was now that it has been nearly 8 years, but I remember pulling him over for advice asking how to get something working. He sat with me for a good half hour helping me try different approaches, but to no avail, we couldn’t get it working. Later that night, probably about 1:30am, I receive an email from him with a solution to the problem. He had actually went to researching, tested out some solutions and sent it over to me. My draw dropped, I was so shocked that he actually went through the trouble. I mean come on, DeVry isn’t giving him a bonus or anything for the extra work. I wish I could have, but this is what a mentor is to me. Somebody that is there to help you achieve goals and does so with passion, excitement, and eagerness to make you succeed.

In my experience, we are all mentors in some way…or at least can be. Whether it is helping a newbie at work, helping a student, helping a friend, what have you…you can make that extra effort to help someone succeed. Find a specialty you have and share that experience and knowledge with others.

  • tpedergnana

    Great story about two great people. Keep up the good work!

  • vdaniels82

    The best teacher there hands down!!! Good one Lee!

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