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November 12, 2009

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Employee morale is one thing I can never stress enough.  If your employees are not happy then they are not productive and your company won’t thrive.  True story, I know someone who works at a car dealership doing oil changes and minor mechanic work.  With the current economy for the past couple of years they decided to cut back on Christmas gifts.  Normally they each get a ham.   This person walks into work last year to his gift being a brown paper bag with a apple and a banana.   Heck, as an employee I would rather get nothing than that.  The point I’m trying to make here is that the extra $500 you would have spent on gifts would have kept employee morale up and in the end more beneficial to your bottom line.  Employers can’t be penny pinchers for the people that actually make the business produce.  You should find other ways to cut costs.

On top of all of this, you also have to look at what drives your employees.  With some, money is a key motivator.  This is probably the top motivator for most people.  However, some people are  driven more by a challenge.   Web developers are typically like this.  They would much rather their boss give them tasks and projects that make them think beyond the box rather than an everyday thing that they normally do.   So, make sure you know what type of items motivate  your employee.

Which brings me to my whole reason for starting this topic, which by the way I plan to continually post simple ways to motivate people.  This month, why not buy gym memberships for your employees?  There is a gym called Cardinal Fitness that has memberships for $20 per month.  In addition, there is group pricing and if you are going to be buying memberships for a few employees, they may give this pricing.  For 4 employees, this is only $80 per month (probably less with group).

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  1. Employees will appreciate you more
  2. Working out is a natural motivator and energy booster, increasing productivity

It doesn’t have to be a gym membership, but think of little things that can boost employee morale.  Maybe a monthly lunch provided by the company or a holiday dinner.  Believe it or not, it is little things that help you retain employees and keep them motivated.

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